re·frac·to·ry : a substance that is resistant to heat.

In general, a refractory is a heat resistant material used in metal making. Typically a well-designed refractory improves the efficiency of the steelmaker thus helping to drive an industry at the forefront of the creation of buildings, automobiles, airplanes and industrial equipment. In fact, during the history of Universal Refractories, Inc. our facilities helped to produce some unique end outputs. More specifically, the Company has provided refractories to steel mills and foundries that have used them to help create end products such as:

  • pumping systems for the Panama Canal
  • crank shafts for aircraft carriers
  • breaks for Amish buggies
  • toe missile wires for the first smart bombs used by the US military
  • target animals for arcade games
  • crank shafts for the nuclear submarine class
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